Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ribbon Storage

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Like so many crafters, I struggle w/ storing my ribbon. Right now my ribbon sits in a drawer. I try to organize it but no matter what I do, it just ends up in a jumbled mess! It is so annoying when trying to do a project. I spend hours sifting through my stash and usually give up because I can't find what I need or I'm too lazy to untangle all the ribbon. It's a big ol' mess!

I literally just found the greatest ribbon invention ever! It is called a ribbon ring. All your ribbon is stored neatly on a metal ring. It is so cool! It is fairly inexpensive and you can fit tons of ribbon on it. Check out www.


  1. Now this is such a cool idea!. I actually use the Rings too but instead of those plastic holders (which i think are fab! never seen them before!) I use saftey pins and pin one end of my ribbon and then hook the pin onto my jump ring and hang it up somewhere. that way the ribbon will stay nice and straight and wont get all creased up and knotted :)

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