Saturday, May 22, 2010

Scrapbook for Lyna

About 2 months ago, I heard this story from my sisters about this incredibly brave girl, Lyna who was battling Leukemia. Lyna went to school with my younger brother, Charlie. She was diagnosed in 2006 and has been battling it since. Recently, her condition has worsened and doctors have told her she has no more options. Through all this she has remained strong and an inspiration to everyone around her. I don't know, I've never even met her, but the few stories I have heard have touched me. Recently, I became her friend on Facebook and joined her support group. She has touched so many people around her. She has created a bucketlist, and as we read this post, she is on her way to New York to check off one of her dreams! She wanted to see Cirque De Soleil and Niagara Falls! I've heard that lots of people have been donating to help Lyna fulfill her bucket list!

After hearing about Lyna, I thought it would be nice to create a mini album for her to document her journey through life. If you would like to help me, please contact me. (email Since we don't know how long Lyna has left with us, I would like to get this done ASAP so that she and her family/friends can enjoy it.

Details of the mini book:

Size: 6x6 chipboard mini album (front &back) with room for some sort of binding. Your page can be any shape, just please stay around the 6x6 size. When I get all the pages together, I'll punch the holes and bind with jute rope, ribbon or rings. (not sure yet)

Theme: I guess the theme is "courage". I think it would be great to see words throughout the book like love, dream, live, faith, courage, hope, wish, journey, cherish, joy, inspire, set colors, just have fun w/ it!

Journaling: If possible it would be great to have some sort of journaling on the page so that Lyna can document her journey. Just a small journal spot or tag to write on.

Timeframe: The time frame is fairly short, as Lyna is fragile. I was hoping people could have their pages to me by mid June, that way I could give it to Lyna asap.!

If you would like to help, contact me through PM. I'll then send you my address. If you would like to know a little more about Lyna, check out her support Facebook page!/event.php?eid=118146788207909&index=1 or check out my youtube video

Thanks so much! Lyna and her family will love this!
Patricia Tuttle

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